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Friday, December 26, 2008
Merry Christmas!

A day after Christmas... Tired, bored and happy. Christmas Eve is not exciting as last year. I consider this year as the most boring maybe because I did not enjoy it the fact that we're complete and this is the first Christmas with my 2nd boy Gabriel. I admit that I really enjoyed the season by buying gifts and giving it to our relatives. For some reasons, nakatulog kami when the clock strikes 12am.

My sons are tired and sleepy. They play all day kasi and we already opened the gift as early as 8pm para gising pa sila. And birthday din ng nephew ko, Jacob, who turns 1 year old on Christmas Eve. Kaya the food was prepared for two reasons.

Haayy... This year was a blast! Vince turns two, I gave birth to Gab, I just turned 22 years old, and now tapos na ang taon?!?! Grabe... Next year will be another blast for all of us. This year was full of blessing and excitement. Trials maybe around but Lord will never leave us without support. He'll be there to comfort us and guide us what ever happen.

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Monday, December 8, 2008
My Sons' Christmas Wishlist

To all the Ninongs and Ninangs of Vincent and Gabriel,

these are the stuff that we would really appreciate because these are what they need and like..

for Vince:

- bike (or pocket bike) *
- 'pambahay clothes' (his cabinet is overflowing with 'pang-alis')
(size 4T or the smallest size for Pre-Teens)
- educational books and CDs/DVDs (currently, he likes Barney) and Barney stuff
- classical music CDs like Baby Mozart, etc.
- cash (for his savings)

for Gab

- walker *
- classical music CDs like Baby Mozart, etc.
- educational toys (ung walang melamine at lead content...)
- cash (for his savings)

for Dru

- mini laptop or PDA or O2 XDA Exec (mini laptop pda phone) *
- nokia 5800 or N97 *
- iPod Touch
- Sony touchscreen digital camera
- LCD Tv
- Asus eee Box

- CASH!!!!! *
- CASH!!!!! *
- CASH!!!!! *
- CASH!!!!! * (i love cash...)


or just contact us for questions and inquiries <0927-346-0713>

Thanks much and God bless...

Saturday, December 6, 2008
The Order of Obedience

A parent’s predicament

“How do you make a child obey?” This is one of the most popular questions and in fact, challenges, that parents and educators face today. Every time I conduct a training seminar, I am asked: Don’t you just wish you could order obedience from a child in a snap? Ordering obedience is more difficult than childbirth because it takes many years to guide a child to obedience. We are not talking about several hours of labor pain here. We are talking about years of daily discipline, hair-whitening, wrinkle-forming and life-changing experiences of a parent to order obedience from his/her child.

Would you like to know a time-tested, tried and proven technique? Posing an invite to you like that may sound like an infomercial but I am not kidding. This one really works. It comes with a catch though. The first requirement is that the adult exacting obedience from the child has to be “right.” You got it. Yes, I said it right. You have to be “right” to make the child obey the right way.

If a parent thinks and acts right, then words that will come out of him/her will be right—uplifting and positive. This is the essential yet most difficult step of obedience. It begins with you, as a parent.

Steps to obedience

The next step is a series of listening skills exercises. Listening is a prerequisite to obedience. One cannot obey if one cannot listen. Do you know how these words are related to each other?

The word “obey” comes from the Latin word “oboedir” which means “pay attention to or give ear.” Literally, this means, “to listen to.” “Ob” means “to” and “oedir” or “audire” means “listen.” So the word “obey” actually requires an audience who listens. To listen is to “actively engage in paying attention to something.” It is synonymous to obeying.

The theme of my school is “Listen and Obey” which is actually based on the Bible. God promised success to the Israelites if they “listen and obey” (Deuteronomy 5 and 6). In reality, success in life comes to those who live this principle.

If you realize the significance of listening to yield obedience, you will be convinced that your voice has to be attractive in giving out commands. It’s not only the tone that matters but how a request is uttered. You, as a parent, need to learn some basics of marketing. If you want to entice your children to obey, speak to their heart and build them up. Make them want to follow you. This obedience training begins much earlier than the child’s birth into the world. A babe in the womb has to get used to your loving voice. Practice a consistent, loving tone until the child grows and matures.

Adults tend to think toddlers are difficult to train. The secret lies in speaking positive words, knowing the psychology of the child and applying brain-based learning. The first thing I do in training toddlers to follow me is understand and observe a toddler’s behavior. Once I am able to predict some of his behavior, I speak out what the tyke is about to do. For example, if he is about to walk, I will say, “Let’s walk.” If the child wants to do his toilet thing, I say, “Let’s go to the bathroom.” When the child is looking for his milk, before he cries, I would say, ”It’s time to drink your milk. Please wait.” As you say such statements which the child is actually about to do, cooperation happens and the child does what he is inclined to do. This is the very first step in “Listen and Obey” training. The child hears your voice and does what you say, even if he is about to do it anyway, without you saying it. You are the child’s ally, not his enemy. You are after his interest so he develops an interest in you.

Train the child to like your voice. Train the child to do what you say so he gets used to “following” you peacefully and joyfully without a power struggle. This is the first order of obedience.

By Marita Villafuerte of Baby Central

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