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Oh hello. I am jovhelle. Chocolates and Pink and Hello Kitty are my favorite things. WAHM ang loving it.

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Friday, May 11, 2007
Happy Mother's Day

Well, Well, Well.....

its my first time.. I mean, its my first time na i-greet ng Happy Mother's Day!!!! Happy?!?! YES!!! Being a mother is not easy, having a baby and loving husband is truly incredible. hahahaha!!!! Actually minsan nga nakakapagod na pero when my baby smiles at me na... nakaw?!?! nawawala ang inis ko sa buhay!! hahaha!!!

Ano kaya gagawin ni Andrew sa Sunday?! (Oh men! Daddy don't like to be called Andrew... Cause he thinks that we don't know each other.) In 3 years of our relationship, wala pa kong natatanggap na Roses from him... Why kaya?! (Demanding?!)

Teka? ang usapan is about Mother's Day bakit napunta kay Bebang ko?! hehehe...

I'll greet din my Mama at M.I.L ko pati na din si S.I.L... Dami na din nagiging mother sa family tree namin... As if naman masasabi ng baby ko na Happy Mother's Day dbah?!?!?!

Since I was a little girl, when Mother's Day comes gumagawa kami ng sister ko ng Card para kay Mama at Father's Day naman kay Papa. I wanted them to know that I love them so much enough to sacrifice my past to them. But when I needed them, they stretch their hands to help me and I know that they appreciate the things na ginawa ko for them.

PAST?!?! wooaaah!!! No Way! Family Secret un!!! hahaha! A past that no one knows about me... ( uyyy... your thinking na ha!)

Till next post mga friendship...

(- - - May 29, 2007 - - -)
1st Birthday and Dedication of ArtXander Vincent Macabata-Ricafrente

Friday, May 4, 2007
Great Summer

I’m having a great summer experience this year not because of anything else like out of town happenings it’s because I spend lot of time to my family and friends. I want to share my time to the people I love.

When summer strikes I and my baby spend the first week of summer with my family at Splash Island in Laguna. Then after one week, my husband’s family asked if we can join them at Island Cove for a Family outing. It was Semana Santa but nothing can stop us. It was the first time my husband join us (me and Vince) in swimming. We had a great time and spend most of our time together in the pool. And last Saturday, my Japinoy (Japanese-Filipino) friend came here to visit and set a get together with our fellow friends. We stay at Asian Mansion in Makati, we had our dinner at Odyys in Glorietta and we had fun at Red Box in Greenbelt. Take note that Vince and Hubby is with me that time because she is our College friend and Ninang to my son (sad to say but she can’t attend on Vincent’s Dedication and 1st Birthday).

This summer haven’t finish yet and still more to come. Month of May is special to us coz’ Vince’s 1st Birthday is coming and yet I’m still paranoid. (LOL!!!!)